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Elementary Pilot beginners course

This is your first step to learning how to paraglide. And what a fantastic place to do it! Our BHPA (British Hang & Paragliding Association) certified course takes you from complete beginner to Elementary Pilot (EP) in 5 days or less of tuition. (our course is actually 6 days which gives plenty of time to complete the course and to go on and start some CP tasks at no extra cost!)

EP is the stage before going on to complete your Club Pilot (CP) qualification. Once CP qualified, which takes a further 6 day course, you can fly unsupervised.

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of north west Africa. The Canaries are administered by Spain but have a feeling and culture all of their own. Although the island is only 37 miles long and 16 miles wide, there is still huge diversity. This stunning volcanic island is utterly beautiful and a real surprise if it’s your first visit. There really is something for everyone here; from training sites for basic skills to challenging flying for the most experienced pilots. If you’re still working towards your qualification, we can really move you forward in Lanzarote.

Suitable for:

  • complete beginner

With a maximum of only 6 Pilots per clinic, this ensures that you get the highest quality & safe tuition along with the most productivity from your week. Your progression will be accelerated, safe and fun.

I will provide you with the skill set and confidence that will make you a better independent pilot equipped for the challenges that lay ahead - be that thermalling, cross country, confined landings, reading the weather and so on.

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My Teaching Philosophy

People learn in different ways, at different speeds and want to be pushed to different extents and to different levels. Much of paragliding is a mind game. Hence I don’t try and make you conform to a fixed system. I find a system to suit you. Although we laugh, play and fly as a group, as much as I can, I try to keep the coaching one to one.

My aim is to teach you to ultimately teach yourself. It all starts in the head and creating an environment where you feel comfortable and safe and up for experimenting is vital. That means sending you up on sites & in conditions where you’re comfortable then further challenged but not terrified and where conditions are consistent so that you can really consolidate the skills I teach you.
Small group power.

Many of the techniques, I will teach you 1 on 1. However, in the small group, you may learn as much from others on the course as you do from me! Watching people of a similar standard confront and overcome the same hurdles is powerful and inspirational, as well as being a whole lot of fun


In Lanzarote we stay in a fantastic appartment in one of the older villages on the island, away from the commercial tourist resorts. There will be a choice of shared or private accommodation in the villa.

We organise breakfasts as well as three meals in the villa each week, using the best of local ingredients and for the remaining nights we can introduce you (if you wish) to some of the special places to eat on the island.

Leaving the UK winter behind and stepping off the plane into warm gentle breezes is a wonderful feeling.

The temperature can vary considerably; while normally pleasant in just a T-shirt and shorts, evenings and mornings can be quite chilly. Occasionally we do get heat waves and midday can be scorching. Fortunately, the sea is never far away and we often end up swimming to cool off.

Getting there

Several economical airlines fly into ARRECIFE. We will transport you from ARRECIFE to the villa.

Please check out the FAQ's for more detailed flight info.

What's included

  • Lanzarote airport transfers

  • On Island transport and access to a hire car

  • Luxury accommodation

  • Instruction by 2 BHPA CFI’s and a BHPA instructor

  • Equipment (if required)

  • Breakfast every morning and dinner on 2 nights

  • Soft drinks, beer and wine in the villa

What’s not included:

BHPA membership

Transport to / from Lanzarote

Fuel for hire cars

Lunch and dinners on 5 nights




DEC      12-19 Available

Dates are check in and check out dates


£960 for a shared room

£1100 for a private room

What’s included:

Lanzarote airport transfers

On Island transport and access to a hire car

Luxury accommodation

Instruction by 2 BHPA CFI’s and a BHPA instructor

Equipment (if required)

Breakfast every morning and dinner on 2 nights

Soft drinks, beer and wine in the villa


It is compulsory to join the BHPA to partake in any BHPA course. 3 months Training membership is £89 which is enough for EP course but to ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual member costing £148. This can be joined upon your arrival.

Explanation of fees here.

Travel/medical insurance covering paragliding risks. Morocco is often included as Europe as far as cover is concerned. Several insurers now offer to cover paragliding risks but please check.

Try Holiday Safe


Please visit the FAQ page where we may have already answered your question.

To reserve your place

Mail me with your choice of dates. If there is availability on your chosen date we will instruct you about how to send a deposit which will secure your place. You can then go ahead and book your flights and look forward to becoming a better pilot..

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