Guided Holiday

All you need do is think about the flying

Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of north west Africa. The Canaries are administered by Spain but have a feeling and culture all of their own. Although the island is only 37 miles long and 16 miles wide, there is still huge diversity. This stunning volcanic island is utterly beautiful and a real surprise if it’s your first visit. There really is something for everyone here; from training sites for basic skills to challenging flying for the most experienced pilots. If you’re still working towards your qualification, we can really move you forward in Lanzarote.

Suitable for:

  • +20 hrs current pilots looking for a chilled flying & fun packed holiday with an expert guide. Let us take care of things whilst you have fun.

What to expect on our guided holidays

There are many different levels and standards of guided paragliding holidays currently available.

Sky Paragliding holidays are right up there as one of the premier holiday guiding services.

Why? Because with over 30 years experience of creating, managing and guiding hundreds of pilots around the world, Tim knows the magic ingredients to make your holiday productive, safe, sociable and fun.

Not just guiding

Tim will make sure that all you need to think about is enjoying your flying and down time.

Because Tim is also a highly experienced instructor, if you wish, he will make sure that he passes on some of the secrets to making you into a better pilot.

You will learn how to read the local weather, improve your take-off technique, learn more about speed to fly or best turning techniques, reading the thermals and so many more small secrets which can otherwise take years to discover.

We take care to ensure that your accommodation is top class in some of the best locations and that the cuisine is delicious and that there will always be a hot shower and a cold beer or juice waiting for you.

Small groups

My maximum group size for guided holidays is just 6. This ensures you get

loads of attention and increased safety.

The island works on micro-climates and choosing the correct site can be crucial. Most sites offer a mixture of both thermic and dynamic conditions. At one end of the scale we have El Cuchillo which is a massive thermic pump during the hottest part of the day, to Mirador del Rio, a stunning bowl 1400ft above the landing field with silky smooth air.

As the position of the sun moves, we will follow it and fly two or more sites in a day. There are about five sites that we use 95 % of the time and maybe ten others that we fly occasionally. On a good day there will be 2500 – 3000 ft cloud bases and while this is not a destination for big XC flying, small ones are possible and we’ve helped many pilots through their first XC flight out here.

There is all of this, and then there is the Famara Ridge. The scale takes your breath away! You will take off inland and have to really work to make transitions over gaps until you finally arrive on the costal cliff. From here you can float all the way to Mirador (26 km round trip). It is absolutely stunning to fly above the cliffs, listening to the waves crash nearly half a mile below.

All of the sites are located within a 45 minute drive of the villa and a plentiful supply of hire cars means that we can use different sites at the same time if necessary.

While we will prioritise flying, if we do get a non-flyable period there is so much to see and do on the island which has been settled by the Spanish since the early 1400’s. There are many interesting old buildings and structures including castles, cathedrals, aljibes and salt pans. Architectural development hasn’t been dormant and some of the most iconic structures on the island are designed by the former mayor, Cesar Manrique.

There are natural environment is breath taking with a volcanically active area set in the Fire Mountains, the El Jable desert, both recent and ancient lava flows, white and black sand beaches and crystal clear waters surrounding the island to swim.

We eat in some of the places that only the locals know ranging from beach side tavernas to outstanding restaurants. We’ll take you to a cave bar for a cocktail in the evening and it looks like something out of a James bond movie.

Other activities we try to squeeze in include surfing and body surfing, caving, go-Kart racing, hiking, as well as visiting some of the iconic museums


In Lanzarote we stay in a fantastic appartment in one of the older villages on the island, away from the commercial tourist resorts. There will be a choice of shared or private accommodation in the villa.

We organise breakfasts as well as three meals in the villa each week, using the best of local ingredients and for the remaining nights we can introduce you (if you wish) to some of the special places to eat on the island.

Leaving the UK winter behind and stepping off the plane into warm gentle breezes is a wonderful feeling.

The temperature can vary considerably; while normally pleasant in just a T-shirt and shorts, evenings and mornings can be quite chilly. Occasionally we do get heat waves and midday can be scorching. Fortunately, the sea is never far away and we often end up swimming to cool off.

Getting there

Several economical airlines fly into Agadir. Easy Jet (Gatwick), Ryan Air (Manchester & Stansted). We will transport you from Agadir to the lodge and back.

Book your flights early and there are some great deals to Agadir.

What's included

  • Lanzarote airport transfers

  • On Island transport and access to a hire car

  • Luxury accommodation

  • Support by 2 BHPA CFI’s and a BHPA instructor

  • Breakfast every morning and dinner on 2 nights

  • Soft drinks, beer and wine in the villa

  • 6 days professional guiding, coaching & transport

  • radio comms


You will need to bring your paraglider, harness, vario and reserve chute plus a 2m radio (also available for hire). Sky Paragliding clients get a 10% discount off new equipment.

Airline flights not included.




Dates are check in and check out dates


£725 for a shared room

£795 for a private room


Please visit the FAQ page where we may have already answered your question.

To reserve your place

Mail me with your choice of dates. If there is availability on your chosen date we will instruct you about how to send a deposit which will secure your place. You can then go ahead and book your flights and look forward to becoming a better pilot..