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Sky Paragliding

Improve your skills & have a great time doing it!


Game Changing

5 Star Specialist paragliding technique clinics for low airtime or rusty pilots

Quality guided paragliding & Paramotor holidays

EP & CP BHPA beginners & completion courses


BHPA PARAMOTOR Courses & Holidays
Club Pilot Development Courses

BHPA Beginners Courses
Guided Holidays

Unforgettable Experiences . Accelerated learning . Super Fun

Progressing slowly? Frustrated with the weather?

My specialised clinics take Paragliding coaching to another level.

Located at carefully selected destinations, chosen to offer you the best learning environment for your level.

In fact, at 2 of our destinations, our luxury accommodation is on the main flying site!

Not only that, all our destinations have proven to  offer super reliable weather conditions & a whole lot of fun.

Read on to discover how we can improve your flying & to see what's available for you from Sky Paragliding. Choose from specialist training clinics and lessons or expertly guided paragliding holidays and get in touch today to discuss what's the best paragliding trip for you.

making pilots since 1989

  • British certified beginners EP & CP BHPA courses 

  • Club Pilot completion courses 

  • post CP progression clinics (limited to 4 places only per clinic)

  • guided holidays

  • customised dream tours

  • equipment advice & supply


Get in touch with me today to find out how my unique technique clinics can help you be a better pilot. I'm happy to discuss your specific coaching needs or equipment supply

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Paramotor Courses

Summer UK / Winter Spain

Beginner or Power Conversions

Enter the world of powered paragliding

Summer UK courses or awesome residential courses in Southern Spain in Winter

dreams gliders in cloud

Custom Tour
Where would you like to fly?

Individual  or small group of friends looking for an adventure?

Are you dreaming of going somewhere special and require expert guiding? Perhaps the Caribbean, South America, Azores. I am here to take care of all of the details, from planning the perfect itinerary, to fly guiding/coaching you on your unique and memorable flying holiday.

Contact me to discuss all possibilities.


Super reliable soaring on dunes, cliffs and lightly thermic 800ft ridges make this an ideal location to get you through your EP and CP courses, including top landings, to a high standard.


  • Suitable for complete beginners looking for the personal touch. Need to finish CP but stuck with the UK weather? Quality expert tuition for fast & safe progression.

Morocco Aglou plage flying site

The most reliable winter location we have found in the northern hemisphere. Moroccos charm and intrigue doesn't just deliver a unique and exciting environment, it delivers super reliable coastal soaring and light thermic conditions too.


  • Suitable for newly qualified or low airtime/rusty pilots looking for tailored expert tuition for fast & safe progression.




Guided and hosted luxury paragliding holiday.

Let us take care of all the details so that you can fly and relax as much as you want.

Accommodation based just 25 steps from take-off!

  • Suitable for current +20hr pilots

Morocco accommodation site


Tim King portrait

Expert Coaching

About Sky Paragliding

You're in good hands.

Sky Paragliding's owner and chief BHPA instructor/guide, Tim King, has been instructing and guiding Paragliding around the world since 1990 - the early days of the sport.

Dedicated to sharing his expertise and knowledge from over 32 years of teaching Paragliding, his aim is to make you a better pilot and for you to have a great time in the process.

Tim King flying dune du pyla

'The art of flying well requires quality guidance and instruction'

Tim King

International instructor & guide



If you would like to find out more information or have a chat about your specific requirements, I would be more than happy to help. Please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Tel: 0044 7767264211

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