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An all inclusive Paramotor course?

Yes that's right!

Because we strongly believe in creating the very best environment for your learning experience and enjoyment.

From £2200 all inclusive own room.

Our power courses in Spain are run in conjunction with our sister company THE PARA LAB in October and February. For UK course info please scroll down.

Our state of the art paramotor training facility uses machines made by UK company PARAJET, one of the most innovative manufacturers of paramotor equipment. THE PARA LAB is also a test and development facility for new equipment, as well as being an academy of excellence for training instructors. The Lab is based in a large villa with full support of its garage and workshop just next door. The airfield and training slopes are in the grounds of the villa so it really is a fly in, fly out centre.

All in all a pretty unique set-up.


Based in Southern Spain, we run a range of courses teaching complete beginners, paragliding conversions, safaris, paramotor SIV, APPI to BHPA conversions and trike paramotoring. Using the most modern equipment and training techniques we will turn you into confident, talented pilots while placing a big emphasis on safety, as well as having a whole lot of fun. We can either provide the very latest Parajet gear or arrange to transport your own equipment out to us.

Suitable For

  • beginners

  • qualified paraglider pilots (EP min.) / rusty paramotor pilots

  • 15hr plus pilots looking for fun and adventure


The Flying

We take a maximum of 6 people on Pilot Development/Adventure courses, Beginner & Conversion Paramotor courses. We support these with 3 to 4 instructors. The key to our excellence in teaching is the incredible talent and depth of experience of our instructors, along with the incredibly low student to instructor ratio.

This will ensure that you get the highest quality & safe tuition along with the most productivity from your week. Your progression will be accelerated, safe and fun.

We will provide you with the skill set and confidence that will make you a better independent pilot equipped for the challenges that lay ahead - be that active flying, cross country, confined landings, reading the weather and so on.


Trike flying is straight forward and if you'd like to learn, we'll teach you on the very newest lightweight trike from Parajet. This is a great way for people with back problems or trouble running to get into this wonderful sport.



We believe that comfortable and high quality accommodation is an important part of the learning environment.


Our base is a stunning villa which is a beautiful converted cortijo with a central courtyard and swimming pool. Located near the hill top town of Moron de la Frontera and just over an hour from Seville airport, it is easily reached by car from the airport. You will be completely spoiled from the moment you arrive. All meals and drinks are included and our meals use the best local ingredients so you'll get a real taste of local Spain.

You will have your own room, so no room sharing unless you want to.

Why not chill by the pool and take in the beauty of the surrounding views whilst waiting for your evening flight session...

Cooked & continental breakfasts, lunches and evening meals with drinks included.

Check out our photo gallery of where you'll be staying.

SPAIN Power Course Dates 2023/24

Sept     23-30      SPAIN PG Conversion                         available

Sept     30-07      SPAIN Beginner Entry CP Power         available

Oct       07-14      SPAIN PG Conversion/Completion       available

            14-21      SPAIN Adventure XC                           available

            21-28     SPAIN Adventure XC                            available

            28-04/11 SPAIN Adventure XC                           2 places


Feb      03-10      SPAIN Beginner Entry CP Power           available

Feb      10-17      SPAIN PG Conversion/Completion        available

Feb      17-24      SPAIN Adventure XC                             available

Feb       24-02     SPAIN Adventure XC                             available    


Which course for me?

Entry CP Beginner Paramotor course no previous experience necessary.

This course will give you the very best foundation taking you towards your CP Power rating. On average, after completing all the preliminary ground and gliding work, students get between 3 and 5 solo flights in the air under power.

It is possible to book a 2nd consecutive week to gain the CP Power rating and even go beyond, working on pilot tasks, really consolidating your skills.

Paraglider Conversion Paramotor courses you must be at least a current Paragliding EP Hill or Tow.

The current CP hill pilot should gain the CP Power rating and get a couple of days after that to go cross country and really get stuck in.


Pilot Development/Adventure for those who are already qualified to paramotor (min. CP Power). Get your Pilot rating and an amazing adventure racking up airtime and experience.

If you have started a paramotor course and wish to complete it with BHPA qualifications, the CP/Conversion Paramotor course is for you.

Costs in Euros

Beginner Course Spain

€2500 6 days tuition, equipment included (inc. 7 nights all inclusive - even your drinks & fuel!)

Conversion Course Spain

€2500 per week equipment included (inc. 7 nights all inclusive - even your drinks & fuel!)


Safari/Pilot Development/Adventure 

€2900 per week includes paramotor,

(bring your own wing) 7 nights all inclusive - even your drinks

& fuel!)

Non Flying Partners

€775 per week

Includes full board accommodation, all drinks,

Seville airport transfers and group tourist excursions


We are located about a 1 hour drive from Seville 


Getting there

Several economical airlines fly into Seville. We will transport you from the airport to the villa. It's also possible to fly to Malaga but private car hire is required.

Please check out the FAQ's for more detailed flight info.

What's included​

  • 6 days tuition & transport (Beginners course 10 days)

  • 7 nights half board & your own room 

      (Beginners course 11 days HB)

  • Beer & wine

  • Spanish airport transfers

  • modern, new each season, equipment


To ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual BHPA membership costing £194. 3 month training membership is available £125.

Please join and pay this online with the BHPA before your course starts.

Explanation of fees here.

Join here.

Travel/medical insurance covering paragliding risks.

It's getting harder and harder to find a reasonably priced paragliding policy and they are changing all the time.

Here are two options Puffin Insurance (activity 3) or Sportscover Direct.


Please visit the FAQ page where we may have already answered your question.

To reserve your place

Mail us with your choice of dates. If there is availability on your chosen date we will instruct you about how to send a deposit which will secure your place. You can then go ahead and book your flights and look forward to becoming a better pilot..




These are non residential courses on the South Downs near Brighton with flexible days to suit you, run over June, July, August & Sept.

We can accommodate complete beginners as well as paragliding pilots who are looking for a paramotor conversion. 

We follow the BHPA training syllabus.

Module 1

Beginners EP Entry

You will spend 3 or 4 days developing non-motor skills and by the end of this you will be making non motorised flights from hills and developing really solid wing control skills. There will be an introduction and familiarisation to the motor unit and safe operating procedures, along with some thrust exercises. You will have completed most of the BHPA Elementary Pilot (EP) hill syllabus, which is enough for you now to progress to powered flight in Module 2.

Module 2

CP Power

Having gained the basic flight skills without the motor in module 1, it's now time to get kitted out with the very latest paramotor gear. Practicing inflating and launching with the motor and eventually moving on to flights in circuit. To complete your Club Pilot (Power) rating you will then make longer flights out of circuit as well as practicing more advanced wing control skills, engine failure practice and spot landing skills.


Conversion Course

If you are already a paragliding pilot with (at least) a Club Pilot rating, 35hrs+ and are current in your skills (including forward launches), you will go straight on to working with the motor with a view to getting you airborne by the end of the first day or at the start of your second day. Again, you will do flights in circuit, flights out of circuit and practice further skills.

We include all the equipment in each course or we can teach you on your own equipment after inspection.

Please note that we expect a basic level of fitness and you will need to be able to run a short distance. Paramotors can weigh in excess of 20 Kg and therefore this is not suitable for anyone with back problems (although you might be able to paraglide).

Trike courses coming soon!

The Price

Module 1

Beginner EP Entry to Power or Hill

4 to 5 day course.

Max group size 2.


Module 2

CP Power

6 to 7 day course. 

Max group size 2.


Conversion Course

I teach a 1 on 1 course at £50/hr. to ensure the best personal learning experience.

All equipment included.


To ratify your CP qualification you will need a minimum annual BHPA membership costing £174.

Please join and pay this online with the BHPA before your course starts.

Explanation of fees here.

Join here.


We will be teaching just outside Brighton and Bexhill on the South Downs and have tried to make this as flexible as possible. You can either buy a course or if you're already an existing paramotor pilot, you can buy individual hours to work on specific skills or to gain your Pilot rating.



You can choose your dates based on your own schedule, however, the more time you can allocate, the better chance you have of completing your course. Once you have booked your course, you can book your days. If you have a day when we are unable to fly due to bad weather, you simply rebook that day.

Contact for availability for UK summer season. Starts May.

The number of places is strictly limited.


We use the most modern equipment available and most is new or only a few months old.


What you will get with us is:

  • A highly experienced teaching team of BHPA instructors

  • Most modern equipment available

  • Paramotor fuel

  • Free train station transfers (if req)

  • Self study theory pack issued prior to course

  • Flying over the breathtaking South Downs

  • Advice on equipment purchasing from experts who have worked directly for manufacturers

Student under training at the para lab
Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 21.11.35.png
XC over the local terrain The Para Lab
The Para Lab ready to start a day
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